Watercolor Techniques Supply List



(for watercolor ONLY)

#2,3,OR 4 small round Windsor and Newton Series 7 or 707 Kolinsky short handle brush

#12, 13, 14, OR 16 large round sable short handle brush

1" flat natural hair brush

(for acrylic & gauche)



Paper is a personal choice dependent on the artists needs, however, I highly recommend Arches 140lb cold press paper for small works and Arches 300lb cold press for larger works.



(Artists grade Watercolor tube paints: Windsor Newton, Holbein,  or Daler Rowney)


Lemon Yellow

Cad. Yellow

Cad. Red

Aliz. Crimson

Cobalt Turquoise

French Untramarine

Paynes Grey

 Acrylic Matte Medium



an old small round brush that you don't care about at ALL

any spray bottle

several small white plastic containers

two large water containers (like yogurt or take out)

paper towels (not the cheap ones from the bathroom)

a sponge

old toothbrush 

liquid frisket

a watercolor palate with a lid

a drawing board

1-1 1/2" white artist masking tape