The Little Mermaid

So, I have discovered a little iPad app called ArtStudio.  It gives many of the tools that photoshop has.  I initially thought the lack of pressure sensitivity was going to be a deal breaker but I have yet to find it to be a problem.  I actually prefer to use this app to sketch in lately because I can draw directly on the screen! 


2 New Classic Cars

These classic speed demons just rolled out the door today and are headed to L.A.  These 2 cars were particularly challenging  to pull off in this style due to their shape and time period.  Thanks to Jill Lundin at Kastner and Partners in LA for the useful art direction during this project.


Classic Cars Update

Here is a new picture of a Jaguar for your viewing pleasure.  It is the latest in the classic car series that I have been working on this summer.


3 New Classic Cars

I just finished another group of cars for Kastner and Partners in LA and I thought you may like to have a look.  These cars were a fun project to work on and I am looking forward to the next round.  I hope you like looking at them as much as I like drawing them.


Classic Cars

Here is a sneak peak at a series of pen and ink drawings I will be working on for The July Group via Kastner and Partners.  This is a classic Bentley.  These cars are really fun to draw because I get to try and emulate a sense of antiquity in the work.